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Facts of Gambia


Suomi-Gambia Yhdistys is an association of Gambians in Finland. It was registered in 1994 with a domicile in Helsinki, Finland. The primary aims of the association include fostering unity, cooperation and provision of practical help and support for Gambians living Finland. The association gives assistance and counselling to its members on integration into the Finnish society .

Our membership comprises of Gambians living in Finland and other interested persons of The Gambia. Membership is open to anyone as long as the person shares similar views and opinions and ready to respect the constitution in place.

We ask for a yearly subscription fee of ten Euros from our members. We issue membership card to all members which is valid for twelve months and renewable upon paying the subscription fee.

Suomi-Gambia members are reminded to pay the 10 euro subscription fee. Payments can be made through the Nordea account: 240018-31486.

Suomi-Gambia is a member of KEPA, the service Centre for Development Cooperation, a service base for Finnish NGOs interested in local and global the development work. Therefore, we are privileged to held our meetings within KEPA’s premises. In addition, we work with other sister associations and institutions in Finland. We keep an up-to-date contact detail of all registered members for easier and faster dissemination of information.

The association is administered by a board elected by the general membership for a two years. The board held regular meetings and general meetings are held every three months. All major decisions and plans are discussed in the general meeting. Nevertheless, the board opens its doors to any member who needs assistance.

In order to effectively implement the plans and aims of the association, the board has created subcommittees that work on different aspects assigned to them.

The subcommittees: